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Car Wash Job In Statford, NJ.

     Here are some pics of a Car Wash we did work for located on the White Horse Pike in Stratford, NJ. The work which consist of Meganite Solid Surface Countertops for the receptionist/cashiers area, coffee area, and Meganite vanity tops for the bathrooms. We also custom built cabinets for the receptionist/cashiers area, coffee area, and a display case that was covered in a Special Order Laminate. Please don't mind the mess in some pictures as they're still working on the car wash to get it ready for its Spring 2007 opening. More pics to follow.....

Lube Area Receptionist/Cashiers Counter

This Area has the Special Order Deco-Metal Laminate Cabinets as well as a Meganite Solid Surface Galaxy Mist #311 Countertop.

Lube Area

This pic shows another side of the Lube Area and the rounded countertop.

A shot of the Coffee Area
This is the Coffee Area also located in the Lube Area here you see the Meganite Countertop Galaxy Mist #311 with the cabinet covered in a Wilson Art High Definition Laminate Deepstar Bronze #1814-35. 
The Meganite Vanity
This is the Meganite Vanity Top Color Staten Island #502 sorry the pic isn't the best will have better shots up soon........
The Car Wash Side receptionist/cashiers are with display case.

This pic shows the display case side of the receptionist/cashiers area thats all tied in together. Its has several levels to it and is covered in the Special Order Deco-Metal Laminate. It was alot of work to do this piece but it turned out very very nice.

Another shot of the display case

The other side of the display case were it meets up with the receptionist/cashiers area.

The Receptionist/Cashiers Area
This is a pic of the Car Wash receptionist/cashiers area it has the Meganite Galaxy Mist #311 Countertops on its different levels and is also covered in the Deco-Metal Laminate. This is also a piece that took time but came out very nice.

                                                 More pictures to come.